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Joanna Gaines' new garden home is the cutest place to entertain — see inside!

See how Joanna Gaines created a rustic, European-cottage feel with her new garden house.
Joanna Gaines Garden House
\"My garden is truly the place where I find the most peace,\" Gaines
/ Source: TODAY

Spring is right around the corner and Joanna Gaines is giving us serious garden inspiration.

The "Fixer Upper" star recently revealed her new garden house, which channels a rustic European farmhouse.

White oak, zinc countertops and plenty of green plants give the space a truly cozy and welcoming vibe.

The interior was designed to be practical but also inspiring, as Gaines explains on her blog. “Everything needed to be solid — only using the kind of materials that could handle dirt, pots and sharp tools on a regular basis,” she wrote.

Joanna Gaines Garden House
Chip and Joanna Gaines pose in front of the garden house's antique

A concrete sink sits beneath an antique European window, while a cozy stone fireplace gives the space a warm, inviting feel.

Joanna Gaines Garden House
The concrete sink is durable enough to handle large
Joanna Gaines Garden House
The fireplace is one of Joanna's favorite

In the center of the house is a large wooden table that can be used for working or entertaining. (You can see how Gaines hosted a garden party there in the spring issue of Magnolia Journal, out now.)

Joanna Gaines Garden House
This large table is the perfect place to host a garden

There are also plenty of shelves for pots, of which Gaines has many on hand. “It’s always better to have too many than to bring home something from the nursery only to realize you don’t have a pot for it,” she said. Good tip!

Joanna Gaines Garden House
The garden house is stocked with pots of all

Outside, a cobblestone walkway leads up to the front door, giving it a storybook entrance. Gaines also found a place for a pair of antique doors which she’s had in her warehouse for a while. They look perfect on the front of the house.

Joanna Gaines Garden House
Joanna said she can picture her kids getting married here one

The garden is surrounded with a classic white fence. “With as many animals around the property as Chip likes to bring home, a fenced garden is a must,” she said. “No matter how many tricks I try, our little goats love to find their way into snacking on my greens.”

Joanna Gaines Garden House
The garden holds fresh produce and

And we have to admit, the plants do look delicious. Gaines will be using some of them as farm-fresh ingredients for the couple’s new restaurant, Magnolia Table.

But the garden is not just a garden to Gaines. “I told Chip I can picture our kids getting married here someday, and I meant it,” she said. “For us, this farm represents home — the kind of lasting place that gets passed from generation to generation, and adding in this garden adds one more chapter to the story.”

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