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Jennifer Garner asks Marie Kondo for help while cleaning out her drawer

Kondo has inspired Garner to get rid of the clutter, but the actress still needs her expert touch!
/ Source: TODAY

Now here's one video that sparks joy!

Jennifer Garner is the latest person to get bitten by the Marie Kondo decluttering bug. On Wednesday, the actress shared a hilarious Instagram video of herself urging the "Tidying Up" star, and author of popular book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," to help her organize her junk drawer.

The wacky clip finds the "Peppermint" star in a walk-in closet, sorting through miscellaneous items in a cluttered drawer.

The first item? A "legit" rain bonnet, which Garner puts on her head and then proceeds to mull over the rest of the mess, desperately trying to make sense of it all.

Belts, lint rollers, even an Invisalign orthodontic device — all of it gets tossed aside in her epic purge.

"Why, why do I have it?" the actress asks when she discovers a box of L'eggs Silken Mist pantyhose.

In her caption, Garner appealed directly to Japanese-born Kondo for help.

@mariekondo — I’m all about it," she wrote, adding the hashtags #junkdrawer and #canyoucomeover.

Apparently, Garner's followers are also all about it. They related to her adorable decluttering all too well.

"This (is) everyone within an hour of the Netflix release of 'Tidying Up' — myself included," wrote one.

"I am lovin' me some @mariekondo on Netflix. I'm about to start on my bedroom and work my way out," another agreed.

"I was just 'tidying' my drawers last night!!! Amazing. Now I can see everything I folded and it saved so much space. Thank you @mariekondo," a third shared.

Here's our pitch: How about featuring a celebrity on season two of "Tidying Up"? We've got the perfect guest star in mind!