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Is it really that bad to use a cracked phone screen?

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/ Source: TODAY
By Brianna Bernath

Let's be honest: we all do things that we know we probably shouldn't. But how bad are our gross habits?

HGTV's Sara Peterson is here to put an end to debate on six everyday habits, and whether or not you need to stop doing them.

With that in mind, how bad is it... continue using a phone with a cracked screen?


Do you really want a text to ruin your fingers? No call is worth bleeding or cutting your cheek. Sure, a screen protector will help keep the damage in one place, but the problem could get much, much worse. If moisture gets into the phone through the cracks, the phone might become unresponsive. In short, it's time to get the screen repaired! wear your sweaty clothes after the gym?


Peterson said that the sooner you change after that morning workout, the better it is for you (and those poor souls around you). A sweaty environment breed all kinds of germs, so the longer you sit in those workout clothes, the more likely you are to risk infection. The best thing to do is to shower and change right afterward. add bleach to a vase so that flowers last longer?

Not bad.

Bleach helps with your whites and colorful blooms. According to Peterson, bleach will kill the bacteria that makes flowers wilt, prolonging the time you get to enjoy that beautiful bouquet. cook a potato that's sprouted?

Not bad.

Your potatoes might be sprouting little green, white or pink nubs, but that doesn't mean it's time to trash them. All it means is that the spuds have spent some time in a warmer, brighter environment than recommended. Simply cut the sprouts out with a paring knife, and then go about your dinner preparations like they were never even there. use moisturizer with an SPF at night?


Although you need sunscreen during daylight hours, sleeping with SPF on your skin is a no-go. Your skin needs time to replenish moisture at the end of a long day, and moisturizer should do just that. The SPF will act as a barrier, clogging your pores and causing unsightly breakouts. Spring for an SPF-less moisturizer to nourish your skin while you sleep. let your dog lick your legs after you put lotion on?

Not bad.

But take caution. A run-of-the-mill scented moisturizer won't upset the puppy's tummy, but it might open the door to teaching your dog that it's OK to lick you whenever they smell lotion. Warm vanilla is one thing, but a steroid-based topical ointment is its own issue entirely. The ointment could make your dog extremely thirsty, while a sunscreen containing zinc oxide could make your pup feel sick. A dog licking your face, on the other hand? That's a no go.

Now you know!