Inside IKEA's holiday line: 7 items that are worth the trip to the big box store

/ Source: TODAY

The "most wonderful time of year" is right around the corner, and while we're still focused on that Thanksgiving turkey, the decorating wheels are starting to turn!

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IKEA recently released their winter holiday collection and it already has us dreaming of getting a mug of hot chocolate, starting a fire and soaking in all the holiday goodness. The best part: All of the items are under $15.

Pastel ornaments, $9.99 / 35 pack

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These ornaments can go more on just the Christmas tree. These baubles come in pastel colors that would be beautiful placed in a glass bowl on a coffee table — or you can try your hand at making a festive wreath.

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We don't even need the excuse of the holidays to put these pendant lamps up. While the star shape gives it a festive feel, the lamp would make a fun addition to any room all year long.
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These little silver birds with their white tails are awfully chic. Add them to a mantel, console table or on top of a chest for a dose of charm.

Gift wrap, assorted pastel colors, $2.99


Wrapping gifts might not be a pain if you get to look at this paper.

Light chain, $4.00 / 12 pack

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Looking to bring that snow cabin feeling to your own home? This lace chain might be the answer.

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LED lantern, battery operated, $4.99

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Not sure a lighting chain is your thing? Perhaps just a simple white lantern with delicate cutouts is more your style. Hang just one lantern, or try going for multiple and staggering the heights to give a whimsical touch.
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While IKEA has various ornaments at a budget-friendly price, we have our eyes on these pink-and-white glass ornaments. Drape them along the tree or string it along garland for the mantel to add some winter flare..