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'Infuriating!' Here are 5 of the most annoying household habits ever

No one is perfect. But when it comes to being tidy, considerate and helpful around the house, some of us try a lot harder than others.
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No one is perfect. But when it comes to being tidy, considerate and helpful around the house, some of us try a lot harder than others.

And some, it seems, don't try at all.

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A recent Reddit thread sparked a discussion about annoying household habits, and over the course of more than 6,000 comments, it became clear just how passionate people are about the topic.

Now we've rounded up some of the biggest talking points for a list of what might be the most irritating around-the-house actions.

If you've ever rolled your eyes over your spouse, child or roommate's bothersome behaviors, this list is for you. (Oh, and if you suspect that you just might be the annoying one at home, it's for you, too!)

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1. Leaving the dirty dishes in the sink

The kitchen is home to more bad habits than all other rooms combined, and this one earned plenty of mentions.

"My problem is I will always remind my (significant other) when the dishwasher is ready to (be) loaded with dirty dishes," one user wrote. "Yet his dishes still end up in the sink. The whole point of a dishwasher is to keep a clean sink. It's a constant struggle I think I will never win."

Dirty dishes, utensils in the metal sink background
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2. Taking other people's food out of the fridge

There's communal food and then there's a person's lunch — it's important to know the difference.

"My sister will eat my lunch that I've packed to take to school/work," another Reddior wrote. "I ask her while I'm cooking if she wants some and she'll say no but I make a bunch anyways. I'll ask again when I finish cooking if she wants some. 'No thanks.' OK I'll pack it for lunch. I wake up, go to grab it from the fridge and it's gone!"

3. Putting empty containers back in the fridge

It's not just what you take out of the refrigerator that can get you in trouble.

"The cheese package, now emptied of slices? Just leave it in the fridge," a user added sarcastically.

And leaving that sort of thing anywhere where else, other than the garbage or recycling bins, is no better.

"Individually-wrapped cheese? Better just leave that wrapper on the counter with the bologna-strings. ... Flavor packs for water? Those will make a great coffee table display. ... K-cups? Trump won't need Mexico to pay for the wall, we'll just send him all these used K-cups!"

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4. Wasting paper towels

Paper towels aren't the only kind of towels, but that's news to some people.

"We have a kitchen towel," a particularly passionate rant began. "Why do you insist on using paper towels every time? And you even use them in lieu of napkins when we have a [ton] of napkins that never get used. Why do you have such a strong vendetta against paper towels? ... What are you doing with them? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THEM!"

empty toilet paper roll
empty toilet paper rollShutterstock

5. Not replacing the toilet paper roll

Outside of the kitchen, things are just as frustrating.

"My roommates ... won't replace the f---ing roll when it runs out," explained another angry poster. "They'll just set the new one on top of the tank and not change out the empty roll. It's the most irritating thing in the world!"

OK, that last line might be a slight exaggeration, but that's the big problem with little transgressions like these. The first time — or even the first few times — it's not really a problem.

But years of dirty dishes and empty toilet paper rolls? That's what leads to real resentment — and epic Reddit threads!

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