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Want to build a fort with your kids? Ikea has guides for that

The furniture company is helping families find ways to pass the time at home.
/ Source: TODAY

Looking for something extra entertaining to keep kids distracted and busy while staying home? Ikea has your back.

Ikea Russia paired with creative agency Instinct and released a guide on how to build forts out of simple household items. Directions for all the models are available on the brand's Instagram page.

Ikea Russia makes suggestions for building forts
Use basic household supplies to build one or more of the six forts. Ikea

"#StayHome was the general slogan of this spring," said Ikea Russia in a press release. "Self-isolation and quarantine measures are ongoing. Parents no longer know how else they can entertain their children being stuck inside four walls."

There are six different models to choose from: a "massive" fortress, a "large" castle, a "classic" wigwam, a "cozy" house, an "unexpected" cave and a "traditional" camping tent. Each guide recommends using Ikea-brand furniture to make the structures, but it's easy enough to substitute whichever furniture and decorations you have on hand.

Ikea Russia makes suggestions for building forts
Use basic furniture to make forts even more sturdy! Ikea

Just like regular Ikea instructions, the guides include step-by-step instructions and a list of supplies. Unlike the regular Ikea instructions, you'll be spending a lot less time working with screwdrivers and wooden pieces and more time draping blankets and propping up pillows.

The guides encourage homebuilders to share their end results on social media.