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Ikea introduces a new home collection just for cats and dogs

Ikea's new LURVIG collection is perfect for your furry friends.
/ Source: TODAY

Attention, pet owners: There are even more cute things to buy your furry friend, specifically as you wander the aisles of Ikea.

The Swedish retailer recently launched a home collection just for dogs and cats, designed in the brand’s signature clean, minimalist style. The LURVIG collection, named after the Swedish word for "shaggy," includes tiny beds, cushions, collars, food dishes and even a miniature fold-out sofa.

“Like other family members, (pets) have specific needs for eating, sleeping, playing and exercising,” Ikea spokesperson Janice Simonsen told TODAY Home in an email. “We worked with a veterinarian and pet experts to ensure that our products were well designed to meet these specific needs.”

The LURVIG collection is rolling out this month in most Ikea stores around the U.S., Canada and three other pilot countries, Simonsen said, and will expand to more countries next spring.

Here are a few of our favorite items from Ikea’s newest line:

LURVIG cat house with pad, $11, Ikea


This cozy, black sleeping cube can slide into an existing KALLAX shelving unit, or serve as a stand-alone cat house.

LURVIG blanket, $20, Ikea


This cushioned, polyester blanket is water resistant, helping protect furniture or car interiors from muddy paws.

LURVIG pet travel bag, $25, Ikea


Both ends of this travel bag zip open, making it easy to get your cat in and out.

LURVIG scratching mat, $6, Ikea


This wrap-around scratch pad transforms a table leg into a scratching post.

LURVIG pet bed with pad, $38, Ikea


Could this miniature pet bed be any more adorable? This one is about 27 inches long, and there's also an 18-inch version for $28.

LURVIG cat house on legs with pad, $55, Ikea


Ikea loves furniture that can be used in multiple ways, and this cozy cat house can double as a bedside table (assuming your cat allows you to place anything on top without knocking it off).

LURVIG water dispenser, $8, Ikea


This simple dispenser gives your pet constant access to clean water.

LURVIG cat or dog bed, $50, Ikea


This miniature couch bed folds out to create a larger sleeping area. Pull-out couches — not just for humans!