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IKEA: Comedian Tyler Fischer pretends to be store's couples therapist

/ Source: TODAY

The pain of trying to shop IKEA with a significant other is real. And as comedian Tyler Fischer points out, it’s also hilarious.

In a YouTube video from earlier this month, the comedian outfits himself as a therapist — complete with eye glasses, a clipboard and a blazer — and roams an IKEA store trying to counsel couples through the difficult process of shopping in the big box store.

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A few of our favorite lines include:

  • “Be careful because 90 percent of couples break up before they make it to the register.”
  • “Four thousand breakups worldwide every week…30 percent actually happen during the assembly.”
  • “IKEA’s like a relationship, right? It takes forever to build, then falls apart in nine weeks.”
  • “This is called ‘Argument Blue.’ We have ‘Regret White,’” he says while pointing out to different furniture colors.
  • “No divorces today? Still together? You get 10 percent discount then.”
  • “My ex-wife asked for a divorce in the lamp section. She saw the light and she left me.”

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This isn’t the first time comedians have made us laugh at the usually frustrating experience of shopping at IKEA (where is the exit?!). Tina Fey poked fun at it during her days at the writer of “30 Rock” in one of our favorite clips from the show:

Just remember to laugh next time you’re wandering through the IKEA maze!