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See what the amazing, viral 'ice house' looks like now

The "ice house" in upstate New York that had the internet buzzing a few weeks ago has been revealed now that the ice is melting.
/ Source: TODAY

Remember that "ice house" we told you about a few weeks ago? The one in Webster, New York, that looked like it could be an igloo in Antarctica because it was completely encased in icicles?

Well, the temperatures have warmed up at the home's location along Lake Ontario, and the ice, which was 14 inches thick in some places, has started to melt. Now, the mystical "ice house" has been revealed.

So what was underneath all of that ice? An adorable, yellow summer house with picture-perfect blue shutters.

Photographer and Rochester news anchor John Kucko has been documenting the home's transformation from a winter wonderland to a summer escape on his Twitter and Facebook pages.

It all started on March 23rd, with a photo that showed the ice on the side of the house had begun to melt.

Three days later, more ice was gone from the roof and the side of the house. Little by little, the home was returning to normal.

While the latest photo, taken today, shows the door still blocked off by ice and the yard looking more like an ice skating rink than a place to enjoy the lakeside view, Kucko reported that there was no damage to the home.

If you're wondering to whom this internet sensation belongs, Kucko tracked down its owner: an 86-year-old Korean War veteran and 1976 Olympic diving coach named Betty Perkins-Carpenter.

"I thought it was so pretty because the ice formation is so different and it's right by the water with all of these little walls of ice," said Perkins-Carpenter.

She added, "It's going to be scary until the ice melts. It's just so thick."

She'll need more than an ice pick to get into that front door anytime soon!