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How to change a duvet cover without losing your mind

The burrito method will turn this chore into a cinch.
/ Source: TODAY

Changing out a duvet cover is essentially the gymnastics of housekeeping. It requires eight limbs and an unreasonable amount of effort just to get that fluffy bedding into its pretty covering.

And despite our most earnest efforts, we somehow manage to end up with with the entire comforter lumped in one overstuffed corner while a gaping void fills the rest of the duvet cover.

The struggle is real!

Here's the good news: Here at TODAY Home, we've found the definitive way to change your duvet cover without going absolutely insane. Check out our video to see the hack in action and follow the instructions below to take advantage of the trick yourself.

1. Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on the bed.

2. Lay the duvet itself flat on top of the cover.

3. Starting at the closed end of the cover, begin rolling both together like a burrito.

4. When you've reached the end, flip the open end of the cover over each of the corners of the rolled comforter.

5. Unroll the duvet and cover together to reveal an fluffy, evenly-filled duvet cover.

Now that you know this easy trick, you'll never be stuck crawling into the duvet cover to even out a lumpy comforter ever again. And that means more time for snoozing!