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It's all about curb appeal! Here's how to increase your home's value

These tips will help your home make a great first impression.
/ Source: TODAY

They say it's what's on the inside that counts, but that's not exactly the case when it comes to home value. Many would argue that it's the outside, or curb appeal, that really matters. When you give the outside of your home a little TLC, you add value not only to the house but to the entire neighborhood.

Matt Blashaw, real estate expert and host of DIY Network's "America's Most Desperate Landscapes," visited the Fourth Hour of TODAY to share his best home-transformation tips that are relatively simple to do for any house.

Home No. 1

Front yard

Exterior home makeover
The front yard of this home was transformed with the addition of planters and spruced up greenery. TODAY


The front of this home had lots of overgrown vegetation and some missing trees.


Blashaw swears this transformation was easy. First, they added a couple of planters with vinyl fencing in the front so they could plant anything from flowers to bushes. Then, they shaped the overgrown plants to create a more manicured and refined appearance.

Instead of painting the house, they simply power-washed it to give that fresh, revived look. Blashaw suggests power-washing not only the exterior, but the roof as well since that makes a big difference in the home's appearance.

Side yard

Home makeover yard, landscaping makeover
The side yard was spruced up by power-washing and cleaning up the bushes. TODAY


The side of the house had a similar situation to the front where the yard was overgrown and in need of some sprucing.


It's another example of how power-washing and cleaning up shrubs can make a big impact in a home's overall look.


The addition of pavers gave the backyard a whole new look.
The addition of pavers gave the backyard a whole new look. TODAY


The backyard was not much of a yard at first, even though there was lots of potential.


Blashaw added pavers to turn this area into an outdoor living space where the whole family would want to spend time.

Home No. 2

The flagstone pathway gave this home a little something extra.
The flagstone pathway gave this home a little something extra. TODAY


Blashaw calls this as a house you would "drive right by" because of its cookie-cutter look.


To give this home some curb appeal, Blashaw added a flagstone pathway, which he says "marks the path home." He also added in some planter beds. The trick here is to terrace them, putting the larger plants in the back and the smaller in the front. He also recommended keeping the plants slightly away from the house so they won't deteriorate the exterior. The addition of a statement light by the front door added a finishing touch and set the tone of the home.

Home No. 3

One of Blashaw's favorite tricks is to whitewash brick.
One of Blashaw's favorite tricks is to whitewash brick.


This one-story home felt small from the street, so Blashaw wanted to supersize the look without doing a major renovation.


He started by whitewashing the brick, one of his best tricks for smaller homes. Blashaw then added a portico to break up the brick with wood details and create more dimension. If the home has a lot of straight lines, like this one, Blashaw recommended curving the planter beds to soften the exterior.

To balance the look of the home, since the left side has three windows and the right has one, Blashaw added an evergreen tree, which will also give color all year long.