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How one couple lives in a 362-square-foot home

Whitney Leigh Morris, her fiance and their (adorable) beagle make tiny living look good.
/ Source: TODAY

Whitney Leigh Morris, her fiancé and their (adorable) beagle make tiny living look good.

The trio lives in a 362-square-foot cottage in California — and it’s beautiful. The lifestyle consultant recently let TODAY into her tiny home to reveal her tips and tricks for making the small space feel livable.

“I love living in a small space because it helps me get rid of clutter and just helps me simplify everything,” she said.

Whether you live in a tiny home of your own or are looking for ways to live more simply, her suggestions are for you.

Pick a color palette and be consistent with it

Selecting a limited color palette can help reduce visual clutter in your home, thus making a room appear larger than it really is. “In our case, we went with all white and neutrals,” Morris said. “I feel like that helps maximize the space.”

Get pieces that are versatile

Morris uses her living room as a dining room, spare office and as a guest bedroom. She's able to transform the space by using furniture pieces that can be tweaked to her needs. For example, Morris removes the coffee table and adds two foldable bistro tables to make the space a dining room. If she needs an office, she leaves out one bistro table to become a desk. If Morris takes out both bistro table and the coffee table, she can make the sofa up into a guest bed.

Bottom line: Invest in pieces that can rework to fit a variety of situations and needs.

Create vertical storage solutions

Storage space is limited throughout the home, so Morris had to get creative with using vertical space rather than relying on counters and cabinets. Some of her secret storage spaces include baskets over the refrigerator and hanging kitchen essentials, such as mugs and cutting boards.

Store underneath the bed

Another storage spot that is often underutilized is under the bed. Morris has built-in shelves in her bed that allow her to keep items out of sight. If you don’t have built-in shelves, consider getting bins that can easily slide under your bed to store your belongings.

Take advantage of outdoor space

Morris utilizes her outdoor space as another room of the home, and she has three ways of doing so. First, she suggests owning outdoor furniture that can easily fold up and be stored when not in use, such as a bistro table and chairs. Second, consider putting in a vertical garden to help nurture your green thumb while also providing adequate storage between you and your neighbor. Last, she utilizes hanging shelves throughout the garden to create additional table space.