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How this mom uses her Christmas tree to celebrate holidays year-round

A mom of two keeps her Christmas tree up year-round, decorating it for various holidays from Mother's Day to Pancake Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Do you dread taking your Christmas tree down every year? Well, maybe you’ll want to channel this 45-year-old mom of two.

Emma Farmer of Thurrock, Essex, England, put up her artificial tree during the holidays in 2018 and has yet to take it down.

Why take your Christmas tree down when you can decorate it for Valentine's Day and other holidays throughout the year?Caters News

"I didn't want to put it away because I love to decorate and I love a theme,” she told Caters News in a release. "So, I thought, ‘Why not keep it up?’ The tree wasn't getting in anyone's way and we all really liked it.”

Since then, it’s become a festive staple in the home, decorated for various holidays throughout the year.

If you don't decorate for Pancake Day, you're really missing out.Caters News

"I decided to keep it up for Valentine's Day and decorated it with hearts and roses and then pancake day,” she said. “It snowballed from there."

Other occasions have included Mother’s Day, her wedding anniversary and a pirate theme for her children's birthdays.

The tree was even decorated for Mother's Day.Caters News

Most of the decorations she uses are ones she already has on hand at home or inexpensive items she finds in supermarkets.

She admits that some people might think she’s a little bonkers.

Farmer poses with her husband, Jamie, and children, Jessica and Jack.Caters News

"When a plumber or an electrician has come into the house, they have probably thought that I'm mad,” she said. "They'd say, 'Do you realize your Christmas tree is still up?' and I'd have to explain it to them.”

The tree was decorated in a rock 'n' roll theme for a birthday party.Caters News

But despite the occasional confusion, she loves having her trip up all year.

“Whenever someone comes into the house, it makes them smile and it's a lovely talking point,” she said. “I think everyone has seen the fun in it. At the end of the day, it's been a bit of fun that hasn't been in anyone's way."