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These $7 bug traps saved my sanity last summer

The pesticide-free traps helped kick crickets to the curb.
Bug Traps
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Every summer, I expect a few stray bugs in the house, but last summer seemed like one for the record books in my home. Between ants, beetles and other creepy crawlers, my tolerance level for unwelcome invaders was definitely tested.

But the worst part of all was the crickets — those loud, obnoxious creatures who have a flair for making oodles of noise then conveniently shutting up the minute you approach their hiding spot.

After chasing bugs around with a vacuum hose for weeks and desperately trying to find the loud crickets sneaking around our home, my boyfriend and I realized we needed a better solution. So we perused our local hardware store and came across Terro Spider & Insect Traps.

Terro Spider & Insect Traps, $7, Amazon

The sticky glue traps are nontoxic but deadly for creepy crawlers — aka once they walk on the trap, they can't escape. When possible, I'm always conscious of using safe products sans pesticides, so these seemed like the perfect option.

We put down a bunch of traps around the house and also put out some molasses in a bowl to lure those nasty crickets out (a trick my mom told us about).

Almost immediately, we noticed a few bugs on the traps overnight. No crickets at first, but within a few days, they started to migrate toward the molasses and met their fate on our sticky traps.

Over the course of a few weeks, we trapped five crickets around the house, and even though it was pretty gross to look at them on a daily basis, it was really rewarding to feel at peace once again in our home. And you can easily hide the sticky traps under a bureau or behind a couch (like we do) so you don't have to constantly look at them.

Plenty of bugs can fit on these wide sticky traps.
Plenty of bugs can fit on these wide sticky traps.Chrissy Callahan

Each package of Terro Spider & Insect Traps retails for $7 on Amazon and comes with four traps (they last up to three months). They couldn't be easier to use and are wide enough to hold several large bugs (gross, but useful). Let's put it this way: On our worst week, we found two crickets and about six beetles on a trap, with plenty of extra room to spare.

I think my favorite part about using these sticky traps is the fact that we don't constantly have to spritz bug spray and that we have a built-in method of catching bugs without running around with a vacuum all the time.

One word of advice, though: These traps are truly sticky. Meaning, if you're not careful you might just catch yourself! So watch where you step.

At the end of the day, a $7 package of sticky traps sure does beat a pricey exterminator bill, so I'll definitely keep using them around my house.

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