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Are you folding your towels the right way?

/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, after a long day, all you need is a warm bath and a fluffy towel. That equation doesn't feel quite as luxurious when said fluffy towels are scrunched up or a skinny shelf or hanging over the edges.

If you want your bathroom to truly feel like a spa, sometimes all it takes is a few folding tricks to bring the organized, soothing vibe to your own personal retreat. Check out the video here and follow the steps below for the perfect way to fold towels for narrow spaces and deeper shelves.

The narrow fold

1. With the towel laying flat horizontally, fold the bottom up in half.

2. Fold the towel in half the opposite way, bringing the right toward the left.

3. Bring the hemmed edge toward the middle of the towel.

4. Wrap the other edge over the folded portion until it meets the other side.

The deep fold

1. With the towel laying flat horizontally, fold both the top and bottom toward the middle of the towel so that the edges meet.

2. Fold the new edges toward the middle, leaving a gap between them. The gap will keep the towel from having a bulky fold at the front.

3. Bring the two edges together.

Now add a few candles, run a bath and you're ready to relax!