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How to fold napkins into adorable Christmas trees

Fold cloth napkins into Christmas trees for an easy holiday decorating idea!
/ Source: TODAY

Christmas is finally here! If you haven't finished finding gifts for all your nearest and dearest, it's officially crunch time. Last-minute shopping aside, it's also time to get going on party preparations if you're the lucky one who's tapped to host this year's feast.

Whether you're cooking up the classics or opting for something a little more creative this year, the food will no doubt be the star of most Christmas celebrations. After putting so much effort into the menu, why let the table decorations go to waste?

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Instead of buying tons of flowers that won't last through the break, this Christmas tree napkin-folding hack makes sprucing up the dining room so easy. Check out our video on how to make the festive folds here, and follow the steps below to try it yourself.

1. Fold a rectangular napkin in half lengthwise. Fold it in half once more to create a square.

2. Angle the square so that the corner with multiple edges is pointing directly towards you. Starting with the top, fold each layer up toward the point to create five cascading triangles.

3. Flip the entire napkin over. Fold the left and right sides in toward the middle.

4. Flip back over once more so the triangles are facing up again. Turn the bottom edge of each triangle up, tucking the point into the edge above it.

5. Turn the tree so that the point is facing up and gently separate the front and back edges at the bottom. This will help your tree stand tall!

The clever napkin origami will wow your guests until it's time to dig in!