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Rubbing won't help! How to fix carpet dents left by your furniture

Did you know there's a really simple trick to make your carpet feel like new?
/ Source: TODAY

Whether you're deep in the weeds of feng shui-ing your home or you're repurposing old furniture in a new space, you're going to be left with some deep carpet dents that reveal the old location of your beloved couch or a solid chair.

Nothing seems to reverse the damage done by heavy furniture and it feels as though you'll live with the ghost of furniture arrangements past forever. Vacuuming or rubbing simply don't stand a chance against these annoying artifacts.

BUT! Did you know there's a really simple trick to get rid of those pesky dents once and for all? In fact, the only thing you need is sitting in your freezer at this very moment.

Check out our video on the easy hack here and follow the steps below to make your carpet feel as good as new.

1. Stick an ice cube on the dent.

2. Wait for it to melt.

3. Soak up any excess water with an absorbent towel afterward.

Done! It's literally that simple.

The carpet absorbs the water as the ice melts and lets it bounce back into its original shape. With this knowledge in hand, you can go forth and redecorate or rearrange your furniture as much as your heart desires!