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How do you fold a towel? Latest debate has the nation at odds

There's more than one way to fold a towel, prompting a conversation about which way makes the most sense.
/ Source: TODAY

Call it an age-fold question: what is the right way to fold a towel?

Chelsea Handler started a dialogue earlier this week when she asked people how to properly fold a towel.

“Let’s ruin some friendships. 1, 2, or 3? Go,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside pictures of three towels, each folded in a different way.

The first option features a towel folded into what looks like a square, while the second choice has the towel folded into thirds. The final option is a towel rolled up.

The debate has sparked some serious conversation about this truly vital matter, with all sorts of celebrities voicing their preferences.

“I grew up a 2, but have grown to appreciate a 3,” Jennifer Garner commented.

“3 in a basket next to tub, 2 on surfaces/ shelves…it’s a whole thing,” Kate Hudson wrote.

“1 is when I walk into my teenagers bathroom after I told him to clean up,” she added in another comment.

“One. Is that wrong?” Drew Barrymore wrote.

“2!” Hilary Swank wrote, without any further explanation.

“1, no fuss,” chimed in Kevin Bacon.

“2!!!! Forever,” wrote Sophia Bush.

“For sure it’s 2,” commented Julianna Margulies.

There are more than 36,000 other comments, so people definitely have some passionate takes on this housekeeping necessity.