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/ Source: TODAY
By Courtney Gisriel

We're less than one week away from the spookiest holiday of the year. But if you missed the boat on buying creepy decorations to spruce up your home, fear not: Here's how to easily transform Christmas lights into Halloween decorations in a pinch.

All you need is construction paper, white tissues and small plastic lights to turn your tree-trimming essentials into a group of flashing ghosts.

Check out our video on how to create the DIY decorations here and follow the steps below to make the creepy creatures yourself!

1. Wrap tissue paper over the bottom of the plastic cup.

2. Secure the tissue to the cup by tying the string around the bottom.

3. Using black construction paper, cut out small circles that will serve as the ghost's eyes and mouth.

4. Glue the construction paper onto the tissue.

5. Cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic cup (now the top of the ghost's head). Try to keep the hole small enough so a single light will fit through snugly.

6. Repeat the process for as many ghosts as you possibly can fit on one string of lights.

Plug in your twinkling lights and you're ready for trick-or-treaters!

Happy Halloween!