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By Jennifer Kantor

Bright white minimalist interiors are cool. But what they’re not is hot.

We asked color experts to suggest the best colors to paint your bedroom and help “set the mood.”

City Glamour by NB Design Group

The relationship between color and sexuality is a particularly individualized one, but certain hues are frequently linked to sexy time.

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“Black and purple both create a sense of mystery. And red, with its association with passion and human anatomy, is said to relate to sexuality,” says architectural color consultant Amy Krane.

Interior designer and color specialist Kelly Berg agrees that the passionate shades above will bring the sizzle, but feels that it’s more about the depth of the color than the actual color family.

“Even deep teals, indigos, and charcoal grays will create a sexy mood in a space,” she said.

One caveat: too many deep, dark hues can turn sensuous and seductive to depressing and moody. To bring in some balance and keep the space from feeling too heavy, Berg suggests adding in brighter colors and reflective materials like shiny metals and mirrors (but not above the bed, natch).

And since we all have slightly different takes on what’s arousing, Berg suggests it’s nearly impossible to rule out any one particular hue. “Beige has a tendency to suck the personality out of space,” Berg said.

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