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It's getting hot in here! 7 ways to create a sexier bedroom

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Does your bedroom feel a little more like a snoozefest than a passion pad? Not for long. We asked design experts for their tips on ways to help set the mood for serious sizzle in the bedroom — and most are easy and budget-friendly fixes. Ready, set, go!

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1. Make room for romance.

If your room is filled with unnecessary clutter, there may be little space left for romance.

“There’s nothing less romantic than a bedroom full of stuff you don’t care about,” says Tiffany Wilson, an interior designer and founder of the design-advice site So say goodbye to those stacks of unopened mail and unfolded laundry.

"Focus on the primary purpose of your bedroom: sanctuary, peace, romance and intimacy,” says Wilson.

2. Ditch the high-tech distractions.

Get rid of objects in the room that pull the focus away from romance and provide endless opportunities for interruptions in the bedroom. (We're looking at you, iPhones, tablets and laptops.) Your bedroom TV, for instance, “is the biggest distraction from romance that’s ever been invented,” says Wilson.

She also suggests banishing things like extra pillows that may take attention anywhere other than on your partner in the bed.

3. Create a beautiful bed.

Of course, a gorgeous bed in itself can work to set a sexy mood. Wilson says the ideal size for romance is queen-sized bed, placed in the command position — that means a bed positioned diagonally opposite the door, which Wilson says helps you benefit from the energy that enters and flows through the space.

“Update your sheets and blankets with soft, warm textures and colors,” she says. And if the size of the room — and the budget — allows, “get a bed with a solid headboard.”

If it doesn’t break the bank, splurge on a plush set of sheets too. "Invest in quality sheets that just feel sexy when you crawl into them,” says designer Noelle Micek of the eponymous San Francisco-based firm.

4. Set up your bedroom for two.

Attract love into your space by making it equally inviting for both members of a couple. That means making sure you have two nightstands and two lamps, space and an extra hanger or two in the closet, cozy rugs and enough room on both sides of the bed for each person to move around comfortably, Wilson says.

5. Choose colors carefully.

When it comes to bedroom décor, consider a palette that inspires the mood you wish to create. "Deep red evokes feelings of passion and can increase your sex drive,” Micek says, but that suggestion comes with a warning. “A little goes a long way — try a crimson throw, candle or pajamas.”

For a very Christian Grey effect, choose a large, dominant art piece in a sensual color such as fiery red, suggests Lindsay Chambers of the California-based interior design and project management firm Hazel Wood. And if you’re so inclined, she adds, “paint the walls in a complementary satin sheen to make the room warmer and more sultry.”

6. Play with texture.

Including a variety of textures in the bedroom can help encourage a sense of sensuality. Barbara Green of the Charlotte, North Carolina-based design company Sensibly Chic Designs for Life encourages going with objects in an array of materials like silk, fur, satin and chenille, which she says are "very tactile and hands on."

7. Lighting is everything.

Lighting may be the quickest way to set a sexy mood, and you can make some simple modifications cheaply and easily to improve it.

“If there's not a dimmer switch on your main bedroom lighting, add one,” suggests Alena Capra of the eponymous Florida-based design firm. “You can pick up a simple dimmer switch at your local hardware store. The ability to adjust the lighting just right is always a good thing.”

Beyond that — of course! — candlelight always helps advance the mood.

“Try a few different sizes of candles to set the tone in the space,” Capra says, with the caveat: “Don’t overdo it— it shouldn't feel like a candlelight vigil in there!”

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This article was originally published Feb. 4, 2015 at 1:20 p.m.