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How to create a mini fire pit for S'mores

This DIY mini fire pit is a great way to satisfy a S'mores craving when it hits.
/ Source: TODAY

Think you need a big, blazing bonfire every time you want to roast marshmallows and make S'mores? Think again. We devised a brilliant approach to making these sweet treats, and it requires nothing more than a few items and a couple of minutes.

Here's what you need:

  • Ceramic pot: A shallow flower pot works well, and so would a shallow bowl.
  • River stones: These can be purchased at any craft store, like Michaels. They're primarily used to hold the "fire" of your fire pit in place.
  • Sterno: Also known as "canned heat," Sterno is a flammable gel-like substance that's often used in food service to keep trays of food warm. One container of Sterno is all you need for your fire pit. Just remember to save the lid!
  • Lighter: We recommend using a utility lighter, like the kind used in outdoor cooking.
  • Roasting sticks: You can easily use bamboo skewers for this. We like these!
  • S'more's fixings: That means marshmallows, graham crackers, and lots and lots of chocolate!

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Ready... Set... S'more!

Making your own DIY mini fire pit is easy and takes just moments.

Step 1: Take your ceramic pot and fill with a layer of river stones.

Step 2: Remove Sterno lid, and insert canister in the pot. Fill in the area around the canister with river stones.

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Step 3: Light the Sterno, and start roasting!

Step 4: Make your S'mores. When you're finished roasting marshmallows, just be sure to return the lid to the Sterno to extinguish the flame.