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Does your keyboard need a deep cleaning? The 1 simple trick you need

Nobody wants to touch a dirty keyboard, so it's time to add these simple cleaning hacks to your weekly routine.
Dirty keyboard
Does this look even slightly familiar? Yeah, it's time to clean your keyboard.Shutterstock
/ Source: TODAY

If you're someone who uses a computer often (like, well, all of us), then you're spending a good percentage of your day tapping away at a keyboard. But have you ever noticed how dirty it can get in between the buttons? Gross!

Did you know you can actually clean your keyboard using a ketchup bottle? That's right, the bottle that you use on your hot dog can actually attach to a vacuum extension for the kind of deep clean your keyboard deserves.

Check out the video here and follow the steps below to replicate the cleaning trick at home.

The ketchup bottle trick

1. Detach ketchup bottle nozzle. This works best with a pointed tip version.

2. Clean out the cap so that it's free from any ketchup residue.

3. Attach the nozzle to a vacuum extension and turn the vacuum on. The suction should keep the cap in place.

4. Glide the nozzle between the keys to suck up trapped crumbs and dust.

If you're looking for another fuss-free way to clean those keys, check out this easy sticky note trick in the video found here and follow the steps below to get cleaning.

The sticky note solution

1. Make sure your keyboard is disconnected from the computer.

2. Grab a sticky note. Flip it so that the adhesive is on the bottom and insert it into one row of the keyboard. Drag the sticky note between the keys to trap the dirt and crumbs that get stuck at the bottom of the keyboard.

3. Remove the sticky note and admire the gross residue. It's like a pore strip for your computer!

4. Repeat until the keyboard is squeaky clean.

If it's a chiclet keyboard (without grooves like a traditional keyboard, often found on Mac products), stick with a microfiber cloth instead of a sticky note. And make sure to only use water instead of harsh chemicals that could damage the coating on the keyboard.

Happy typing!