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How can I seal my windows for the winter? Answers to your home questions

by Lou Manfredini / / Source: TODAY

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Whether you are trying to seal those windows shut to keep cool weather out or need to keep furniture from scratching wood floors, Lou Manfredini is here to help. The TODAY contributor and host of "House Smarts" stopped by Studio 1A to answer viewer-submitted questions.

How can I put weather stripping on my windows?

First, the No. 1 mistake people forget to do with their windows is lock them. Without locking them, you’re leaving open space to let that cool air in. When weather stripping is in and the window is locked, cold weather doesn’t stand a chance!

Winter window, drops of water and snowflakes on a window pane.
Winter window, drops of water and snowflakes on a window pane. Shutterstock / igor.stevanovic

To install adhesive weather stripping, you need to first remove the old stripping. Then stick a new strip right over where the old piece was. Drop the window to seal the stripping in.

If you still notice a draft, place a piece of clay around the window to seal the draft. You’ll be so much warmer and you will lower your energy bills.

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What pads should I put on the bottom of my furniture to keep it from scratching up the floor?

I’ve found that the adhesive pads don’t work very well, so I’d skip those. Instead, you’ll want to buy the pads that actually have a metal piece on the top. It acts as a nail, so put it on the bottom of furniture legs and hammer it in. It’ll stay put and keep your floors protected!

I have moths in my closet and they are eating my sweaters. Help!

First, wash your sweaters between each use so they’re completely clean before being stored. Next, add moth balls to your closet. They stink, but they work to keep those critters away!

Between seasons, I like to use Ziploc’s Space Bags to store clothes you’re not using. They seal your clothes in tightly so the moths and their babies can’t eat their way through.

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