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How can I remove scratches on stainless steel appliances? Answers to your home questions

/ Source: TODAY

If your stainless steel appliances are covered with scratches or you're living with a hole in a wood door, help is here. TODAY contributor Lou Manfredini stopped by Studio 1A to answer these and more viewer-submitted home questions.

Q: I have a 22-inch by 7-inch hole in the bottom of a hollow bedroom door and I’m unable to replace the door. Can you help?

If the door is painted, or you can paint it once it’s fixed, use self-stick metal patches and wood putty to cover the hole. Once it’s covered, smooth it out with some sandpaper and paint.

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Q: I have scratch marks on my stainless steel appliances. How do I get rid of them, or at least mask them? Is there some type of rubbing compound that can be used?

Siege Stainless Steel Scratch Remover is made for sinks but it can work on appliances as well if you take your time. It only costs about $10 and is available at most hardware stores. If the stainless steel is dented, you will have to replace the part.

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Q: I have new wood porches that were built about two months ago and we were advised to leave them unsealed until spring. What can we do to melt the ice that forms on the stairs and landings without hurting the wood?

Liquid Snow Shovel is a calcium chloride that you can use to pre-treat any surface and it would be perfect for this. In the spring, you would pressure wash and sand the surface and then finish it.