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The 10 most crave-worthy closets we spotted in 2016

These 10 closet photos were the most saved on Houzz for the year. Take a look and get ready to be inspired!
/ Source: Houzz

It’s soothing to see everything in its place, as these 10 closet photos illustrate. The following designs — the most popular closet photos uploaded to Houzz this year, as measured by users’ saves to ideabooks — may be nothing more than dream spaces to many of us, but they offer a wealth of ideas, such as a mirror in front of storage cubbies and a concealed wall of hanging pegs. Also, they’re fun to look at.


1. Whether or not you share Carrie Bradshaw’s love for designer heels, this shoe closet’s appeal is clear: It’s all about the presentation. While we all can’t have a custom closet made to display our footwear, floating shelves or a bookcase could produce a similar effect.


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2. This all-white closet shows us how lots of shelves and plenty of drawers and cabinets make for a slick and organized closet space. No nook or cranny goes to waste!


3. Hanging laundry hampers, cantilevered shoe racks, and double shirt and pants rails are tailored components from a customizable closet system. The approach this popular closet took can be a great solution for homeowners who want an organized walk-in space without the price tag of a completely custom closet system.


4. It can be easy to want to sacrifice closet essentials such as a mirror to make way for more storage. In this clever closet design from Russia, a sliding full-length mirror sits front and center without taking up valuable storage space.


5. The master closet of this 2016 Pasadena Showcase House of Design is a showstopper. While it features the trappings of an extravagant showcase house, from the chaise lounge to the crystal chandelier, it’s easy to see what readers loved about it. From the ample seating to the natural light and closet lighting, this closet reminds us to enjoy the ritual of dressing.


6. This closet has everything one could want — plenty of built-in storage and a washer and dryer — enveloped in an attractive warm bamboo wood.

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The architect designed this space for a homeowner who is in her 80s, making all of the features easy to access. The well-lit room has doors that slide, rather than swing, so that the space remains open and clear.


7. In contrast to the previous closet space, this one has been done in a rich, dark wood. Instead of cabinets and lots of hanging rods, it features open storage cubbies for folded clothes and accessories.


8. Sure, closets are important for storing clothes in the bedroom, but storage for all rooms is essential. In this London home, a built-in closet helps define the boundary of the living room while also storing shoes, clothes and CDs. Racks and hooks provide flexibility and ease while still maintaining order.


9. White and wood is a popular combination, and this closet shows why. Oak drawers contrast crisp white cabinetry and complement the natural texture of the footstool. This closet is about 10 feet long and 8 feet wide.


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10. As we take a look at the most popular closets of 2016, it’s hard to find a storage feature that it doesn’t have. From the wood flooring to the shoe racks, laundry bins, double hanging rods, chandelier and skylight, we’ll take it all.