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This house is dressed as Cookie Monster for Halloween

Is the address on Sesame Street?
/ Source: TODAY

This house in York, Pennsylvania, is the ultimate Halloween treat.

Owner Lisa Boll, a horticulturist and landscape artist, used her expert skills to pay homage to one of the most famous monsters of all: Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.

The display, which is made out of vines, took a day to create.Lisa Boll

“It appeals so much to children,” she told TODAY Home about the creation made from her autumn clematis, a blooming vine that grows quickly every year.

“Each fall I cut it off the roof and it looks monstrous around the front door,” she explained. “A few years ago, I thought it reminded me of Cousin Itt (from the 'The Addams Family') if you put sunglasses on it.”

Here's what the vines looked like before they were trimmed and decorated to look like Cookie Monster.Lisa Boll

Once she realized she could create something fun with it, Boll decided to decorate with the vines for Halloween and has continued since, including a display with glow-in-the-dark evil eyes and a cat with paws, eyes and giant teeth.

A peek at past years' displays before Cookie Monster came aroundLisa Boll

This year, she thought it would be fitting since it's the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street.

To get the look, she sprayed the vines with just the right hue of blue paint. Then she added the eyes and a big cookie, making him truly recognizable.

Boll said it took her a day to create the display, adding that it was less work than other years.

After the decoration was completed, she said that neighbors did the usual bit of checking it out, but about two or three weeks later, someone posted it on Facebook and it took off turning into a viral sensation.

Now, her friends across the country are calling her to say they saw it on the news. And it’s definitely gotten her more visitors.

“I was sprucing up the yard, and a husband and wife with two young boys pulled into my driveway,” Boll said. “They explained they were just at Sesame Place (about two hours away by car) and on their way to Akron, Ohio, and they did a bypass to come see it. It had to be out of the way, but they searched it out.”

Now that she knows she can paint it any color, Boll said she’s got some more ideas for future designs. “Next year, I might do a bright yellow Big Bird.”