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The house from 'A Christmas Story' is now a museum and hotel

As a longtime fan of "A Christmas Story," Brian Jones purchased the home so that fans can experience the film in a new way.
/ Source: TODAY

Brian Jones took his fandom of “A Christmas Story” to the next level by purchasing the Parker family home in Cleveland.

What would possess a person to do this, you ask? Jones, 44, said it randomly occurred to him that it could make for a successful business venture. His family, of course, have been longtime fans of the film.

This is how most people remember the house: Covered in snow in the opening credits of the film.Turner Entertainment

After seeing the home for sale on Ebay in 2004, Jones decided to take the jump.

“I was living in San Diego after I got out of the navy, (I flew) back and forth once or twice a month,” Jones told TODAY Home. “I met with a contractor and I brought still frames from the movie and told him what I wanted it to look like.”

The Ohio property has been acting as a museum for more than 10 years, but Jones took two years to fully renovate and turn it into a hotel as well.

This is what the house looks like today.Courtesy of A Christmas Story House & Museum

Drawing about 80,000 visitors per year, Jones has also created a gift shop and even bought an old car that resembles one the Parkers owned in the film.

Jones is excited that now the property can be experienced in an entirely new way now that fans can actually pay to stay over.

The home provides sleeping accommodations for up to six people, so that the entire family can celebrate Christmas together.

The price depends on which dates you book, ranging from $445 - $995, unless you want to stay on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, during which time you can expect a price tag of $4,995 per night.

Jones made sure that the entire house looks just like it did in the film.Courtesy of A Christmas Story House & Museum

But don’t worry, museum-goers, you can still take a tour of the home year-round with a $13 ticket for adults.

Just make sure you’re careful with any and all BB guns.

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This story was originally published on May 9, 2017.