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Host a fabulous fiesta! 10 Cinco de Mayo decorations for your holiday

If you're having a fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo, try making one of these easy DIY projects.
/ Source: TODAY

The Cinco de Mayo holiday commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, but it’s also a day to celebrate the country’s culture and traditions!

From brightly-colored decorations, like papel picado, to fun interactive pieces, like piñatas and maracas, there are plenty of ideas when it comes to hosting a themed party or fiesta. Below, see 10 DIY projects you can do to add some festive touches to your home on May 5.

Mini piñatas

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
Studio DIY

Gather up those empty tissue boxes from around the house (we know you have them — it is allergy season after all!) and get to work on these fun and festive mini piñatas. They’re so easy to whip up, plus they double as party decor and candy dispenser. See the tutorial: Studio DIY.

Piñata-inspired napkin rings

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
Hey There, Home

Whether you’re having a sit-down dinner party to celebrate the holiday or just want to liven up the family dinner on May 5, these brightly-colored napkin rings are a must! See the tutorial: Hey There, Home.

Succulent centerpiece

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
Kara's Party Ideas

If you’re catering your own party, you might be using cans of chiles, tomatoes and peppers to prepare the food. This is a great way to re-use the empty ones as decoration. Fill them with pretty succulents and you’ll have an eye-catching centerpiece for your table. See the tutorial: Kara’s Party Ideas.

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Papel picado banner

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
Lia Griffith

Get crafty and DIY your own version of this Mexican folk art. Using a variety of brightly-colored orange and pink paper, the blogger shows how to design these beauties with an exacto knife using a template. See the tutorial: Lia Griffith.

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Fiesta wreath

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
Design Improvised

Welcome guests to your home or party with this gorgeous fiesta-themed wreath made with bold flowers and ribbon. If you look closely, you’ll also see the most creative idea of all — colorful cupcake wrapper blooms mixed in. See the tutorial: Design Improvised.

DIY maracas

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
Arsty Momma

No matter how old you are, there’s something so fun and playful about dancing around with maracas. These homemade ones can be a fun craft project with the kids — and we won’t judge you for testing them out once they’re completed. See the tutorial: Artsy Momma.

Paper cactus

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
The House That Lars Built

Add some Mexican landscape imagery to your party with an adorable paper cactus (or multiple ones). See the tutorial: The House That Lars Built.

Piñata-inspired place cards

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas

These fun and fringy place cards will add a pop of color to your table. Use it for sit-down celebrations where you need to assign seats. (For example, when you want to make sure you’re sitting next to the margarita pitcher or, you know, the shredded cheese.) See the tutorial: Mint.

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Taco pillow

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
Ann Le

This adorable plush pillow will give major character to your taco party. Bonus: It’s a no-sew project, so it’s super easy to put together. See the tutorial: Ann Le.

Fiesta chalkboard

DIY Cinco de Mayo Decor Ideas
Little Baby Garvin

Make a statement on your wall with this fiesta chalkboard project that can be used as a wall statement or even a backdrop for photos. See the tutorial: Little Baby Garvin.