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Pivot! Texas townhome full of ‘Friends' themed rooms hits the market

A Houston townhome that pays homage to hit NBC sitcom is ready for its new owner.

"Friends" fans can now own their very own "Friends"-themed home.

A townhouse in Houston that allows homeowners to live just like Rachel and Monica — and Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Ross — hit the real estate market on Friday morning. The home was listed for $330,000.

The two-bedroom, two-bath townhouse was built in 2003, just a year before the hit NBC sitcom went off the air. But inside the 2,015 sq. ft. home, time has stood still.

Renata Goos, Shine Photography / Better Homes and Gardens

A gigantic living room boasts a mural that makes it seem like you're inside Central Perk. There’s even an orange couch and cozy side chairs like the ones the show’s six pals lounged on while drinking their java.

A nearby wall is painted to resemble the iconic fountain from the show’s opening credits.

You've got your own backdrop of the opening credits!
You've got your own backdrop of the opening credits!Renata Goos, Shine Photography / Better Homes and Gardens

From there, take a step inside Monica and Rachel’s apartment. A cheerful blue kitchen with open shelving looks just like the kitchen where Monica created one delectable Thanksgiving meal after another.

A circular table with mismatched chairs calls to mind all the laughs and the snacks that the "Friends" gang shared.

Renata Goos, Shine Photography / Better Homes and Gardens

Heading up the stairs to the second floor, you can’t miss the mural of Ross yelling “Pivot!” just like he did when he and Rachel and Chandler carried that cumbersome sofa up the stairs in season five.

Renata Goos, Shine Photography / Better Homes and Gardens

And what "Friends" house would be complete without a foosball table? All that's missing is Joey and Chandler's chick and duck.

Diana Hu, the real estate agent selling the townhouse, told TODAY that that home’s owner, a man named Frank, lists the home on Airbnb.

“He mentioned to me that it’s very popular in the Airbnb industry to have a theme for your house,” explained Hu. “He actually gets pretty good bookings for his place.”

Renata Goos, Shine Photography / Better Homes and Gardens

Hu, an agent at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in Houston, said this is the first time in 16 years that she's listed a home with a pop culture theme. Since Frank is a personal friend, Hu knew what to expect ahead of time.

"I remember when he was in the process of making that house," said Hu, "and he posted on Facebook as he made progress on it. So I watched it as it happened."

Hu told TODAY she's excited to show the townhouse to potential buyers just as soon as the current batch of guests leave the space this weekend. Until then, she's juiced up the home's listing with insider references to "Friends."

"The current owners didn’t 'monkey' around when paying attention to details," Hu wrote, adding, "Start your day with breakfast prepared in Monica’s Kitchen. After a day of foosball or hanging out with friends at Central Perk, it might be time to check the local entertainment."

Hu concluded the clever listing by asking, "Could this be the home for your next chapter?"