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This home looks totally normal — until you see the horror show inside

See the haunting photos for yourself.
This picturesque home has a unique interior.
This picturesque home has a unique interior.Toop&Toop
/ Source: TODAY

Based on the exterior, the "Mystic House" on Melory Crescent in Magill, Australia, looks pretty normal. It's got a traditional brick facade, a nice white fence and plenty of lush greenery.

But as any house hunter knows, first impressions aren't always what they seem. And although it might look picturesque from the outside, this house has a pretty unique interior.

The home is up for auction by Toop & Toop Real Estate in Australia and the listing's description says it all: "Guarantee you will remember this property."

At first glance, the house seems like a normal, albeit a bit old-school, abode. It dates back to 1856 and has been in the same family since 1977. The home is filled with ornate artwork and detailing, and has plenty of kitschy rugs and wallpaper.

The house is definitely a bit old-fashioned, but still charming.
The house is definitely a bit old-fashioned, but still charming.Toop & Toop

It's also got a gorgeous backyard with a pool.

Look at that view!
Look at that view!Toop&Toop

But when you dig a bit deeper, you see the house has a spooky secret. Case in point? This room filled with giant fake spiders, cobwebs and spooky figurines.

Halloween has come early this year.
Halloween has come early this year.Toop&Toop

Then there's this charming clown doll that fans of "It" would surely appreciate.

Beware, clown haters!
Beware, clown haters!Toop&Toop

This room looks like a scene right out of a horror film.

Spooky or sensational?
Spooky or sensational?Toop&Toop

Before you go running in fear thinking the house is haunted, the owners are just simply fans of all things spooky.

"The family used to have themed birthday parties and had lots of parties (in general). They had family, neighbors and friends to the parties and they sound like hilarious times," Toop & Toop agent Anthony Toop told TODAY Home.

Calling all Alice Cooper fans ...
Calling all Alice Cooper fans ...Toop&Toop

The online listing does warn home seekers in advance: "If you are a scaredy-cat, don’t come," it reads. "Brave people only, leave the kids at home or keep them supervised. Watch the steps."

Would you buy this home?
Would you buy this home?Toop&Toop

Many Twitter users were left speechless by the bizarre house.

But some were pretty impressed.

Many people acknowledged that the home certainly has its own degree of charm. But they couldn't overlook the spooky details.

There's an open house for the listing this week, and we're sure home seekers are going to have lots of fun exploring the premises!