This home looks totally normal — until you go inside

Once you step inside, you're transported to a completely different era.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Julie Pennell

Sitting on more than 2 acres, this stately two-and-a-half story home in Thornwood, New York, looks like a completely normal property from the outside, perhaps with some history in its walls and stories to tell.

From the outside, you'd never expect to see what you do when you walk into this home.Courtesy of Regency Homes Realty Group

But walk inside, and you’ll soon be transported to a completely different time and place, greeted by Victorian decor, old statues and, yes, lots of dolls.

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The Civil War-era colonial home, which is currently on the market for $1.325 million, certainly has a unique style, though. “It will take you back to many, many, many years ago,” Rajeev Chennattu, the realtor who holds the listing, told TODAY Home.

You'll never feel alone walking through the entryway of this house.Courtesy of Regency Homes Realty Group

Chennattu said the current owners are a husband and wife with grown children who also have an antique business. They purchased the home over 20 years ago and customized it to the way it is now. “They decorated it to their liking,” he explained.

The entryway is lined with antique statues and mirrors, while old paintings in gilded frames hang above the burgundy-carpeted stairs.

Courtesy of Regency Homes Realty Group

Another room in the house is filled with antique pieces, including a collection of porcelain dolls, which, if they freak you out, you’re not alone. (See the “Doll in the Hall” Halloween prank and multiply it by 10.)

The bathrooms have their own Victorian spin on them, with vintage-patterned wallpaper, antique-style light fixtures and accents like customized drapes and crocheted toilet seat covers.

Courtesy of Regency Homes Realty Group
The bedroom features burgundy carpet and a cozy fireplace.Courtesy of Regency Homes Realty Group

If the decor style is not quite for you, though, the house does have some other features that might entice. At almost 4,000 square feet, it has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, high ceilings, fireplaces, a terrace and a pool.

Almost every inch of the house is filled with unique decor.Courtesy of Regency Homes Realty Group
Courtesy of Regency Homes Realty Group

Another cool feature is the two-story barn with original details from when the property was used as a functioning farm called "Rolling Hills Farm and Barn."

“It’s a nice, cool, unique place that could be brought back to life,” Chennattu said about the farm.

The property comes with a two-story barn.Courtesy of Regency Homes Realty Group

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