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/ Source: TODAY
By The Home Depot

The old adage “a little goes a long way” might very well have been written about home improvement projects. Whether brightening up a bedroom with a vibrant coat of paint, mounting hooks in your kitchen for simple organization, or increasing the curb appeal of a house with a brand new front door, small changes can make you fall in love with your home all over again.

But no matter if your DIY project is large or small scale, rely on these six home improvement hacks that’ll make those mini makeovers go much more smoothly.

(1) Perfect Your Touchups

Save leftover paint in mason or jelly jars so you can easily make touchups any time you need to. Preserve the paint even longer by storing the jars in a cool, dark place. Snap a photo of the label on your paint can so you can identify the brand and paint color if you need to buy more.

(2) Choose Projects With Built-In Savings

When giving your home mini-makeovers, opt for improvements that will not only look great, but will also help save you money in the long run. For example, a new front door not only increases your property’s curb appeal, it can help improve your home’s energy performance—if you choose the right one. JELD-WEN Architectural Fiberglass Entry Doors from The Home Depot have the natural look of wood, but are made with durable and insulating materials that can mean significant savings on your power bill.

(3) Accessorize Your Entrance

The front entrance is the first area of your home that people see, so why not dress it up to make a good impression? Bring your doorway to life with potted plants, which can be staggered at different levels on outdoor tables. Add the vintage charm of a doorknocker for an eye-catching entry moment. Finally, replace a worn-out welcome mat with a new mat that matches your entrance’s new accessories.

(4) Attract Safety with Magnets

Magnet with nails on light plastic background

Errant nails, screws, and other small, sharp pieces left on the floor of your work area can make for serious post-project hazards. Ouch! So as the last step of any project cleanup, run a magnet over the floor around your workspace to pick up any remaining metal bits.

(5) Protect Your Tools—With Chalk

It’s not just for sidewalks and blackboards anymore. Chalk can absorb moisture, which will prevent your tools and metal toolbox from rusting. So steal a few of those broken pieces from your kids and keep them in your toolbox—they aren’t using them anyway!

(6) Rent Your Hardware

The Home Depot

If your next DIY project calls for an expensive tool—but one you’ll probably need only once—save money by renting it. From small hand tools to large machinery, The Home Depot offers competitively priced rentals of professional-quality tools for just about any home improvement project you can think of.