The trick for wrinkle-free clothes? It's all in the fabric

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By Emily Sher

Does it seem that no matter how carefully you pack and fold, your clothes end up in a wrinkled mess by the time you reach your destination? Don't fret! Marie Claire's senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi is here to save the day with these expert packing secrets. 

Spoiler alert: You may want to have a bottle of vinegar handy. 

How to prepare:

  • Wash your clothes with white vinegar. It works as a wrinkle releaser and won't leave a stench on your clothes. 

What to pack:

  • Be fabric conscious: wool and cotton knits always pack well 
  • Nylon is a good choice because it springs back into place
  • Printed items and patterned fabrics, like tweed, hide almost any wrinkles 
  • Form-fitting shirts will stretch out any wrinkles

How to pack: 

  • Always roll, never fold (except when it comes to bulkier items!)
  • Use dry cleaning bags in-between clothes to "stop the slip"