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Hoda Kotb's cluttered closet gets a major makeover — see the results!

A mug full of socks? A purse full of disposable razors? Hoda's closet was packed with clothes and so much more — until the team from The Home Edit helped out.
/ Source: TODAY

It's only the first day of spring, and TODAY's Hoda Kotb has already pulled off one huge spring-cleaning feat — her once-cluttered closet is now an organized oasis.

But she can't take full credit for the transformation. Hoda had a little help from The Home Edit team.

Hoda's closet
Hoda Kotb took a look at what her closet was like before The Home Edit team took over.

And by "a little," we mean a lot.

Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer are the duo behind the brand that's known for bringing order to chaos in the homes of their celebrity clientele, including Mandy Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Khloe Kardashian and Lauren Conrad.

Their latest job, however, wasn't quite as glam — at least not at first.

"It's like a landfill," Hoda said with a sigh as she looked into her closet before the team got started. She even asked her 2-year-old daughter, Haley Joy, for her assessment of the situation and got confirmation: It was truly "messy!"

Hoda Kotb and daughter Haley Joy
Even Haley Joy helped mom by giving her opinion on the before look. In short, it was "messy!" TODAY

But it didn't stay that way for long.

Joanna and Clea helped Hoda go through her clothing — from her four Saints jerseys (all keepers) to her unused ski pants (that went in the donation pile) to ... everything else.

Hoda sorting through clothes
Sorting through clothes was just part of the process.TODAY

And everything else included some non-clothing items, too.

There were unmailed greeting cards, a bag of Craisins, a mug full of socks (?) and a purse packed with not one, but two disposable razors.

Hoda holding up a razor found in her purse
Even Hoda was surprised by some of the closet finds!TODAY

Once Hoda finished helping The Home Edit team thin out the contents of her closet, she wished them "good luck" and left them to work their magic with baskets, boxes and hangers.

The result?

Hoda's closet before and after
Hoda's closet: Before and after. TODAY

They maximized the space and beautified it, too.

To say Hoda was pleased with the finished product is an understatement.

Hoda Kotb and Home Edit founders
The closet makeover proved to be a mood booster, too.TODAY

"OK, this is unbelievable!" she raved. "I kind of want to start crying."

Next stop for The Home Edit ladies? Savannah Guthrie's place. Stay tuned!

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