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Hilary Duff's Los Angeles home is a perfect blend of feminine and modern

"Younger" star Hilary Duff shows off her vibrant and modern LA home.
/ Source: TODAY

If you’ve ever spent hours on Pinterest creating the perfect design for your home, turns out you have a lot in common with Hilary Duff. The "Younger" actress recently revealed to Better Homes & Gardens that she lives on the inspiration website and used it to dream up her vibrant Los Angeles home.

The result is a beautifully feminine, yet modern decor scheme complete with gorgeous pops of color and stunning statement pieces.

Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit

When you first enter the property, you’re greeted by a door painted in a soft dusty rose. "I've never seen myself as girlie, and I don't own much pink, even though I love it," Duff told the magazine of the color.

Interior designers Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style worked with Duff to make sure the pieces she picked out — such as the colorful artwork Damien Hirst's "Butterfly Kaleidoscope" which hangs in her living room — were paired with dialed back furniture so as to create a balance in the space.

Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit

"Hilary wanted her home to feel feminine and modern but definitely lived-in and cozy," Wollack said. While each room has its own quirky decor, there’s also a nice mix of contemporary pieces in alluring silhouettes and antique furnishings for aged appeal.

Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit

One of the bedrooms is enveloped in a cheerful floral wallpaper that reminds Duff of her childhood. "I grew up with wallpaper,” she said. “My mom was fanatical about it, so it makes me feel nostalgic.”

Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit

Duff is also making design memories of her own for her son Luca, 5. "I see the things I'm acquiring along the way — the rugs, the art and anything that Luca makes — as new collectibles," she said. "As a result, the house feels full of memories and also of opportunities — new, old and yet-to-come."

Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit

But clutter isn’t a problem thanks to her careful purchasing habits. “Whenever I'm on the verge of buying something — whether a chair or a pair of earrings — I ask myself, 'Will I still love it when I get to be 60 or 70?'" she said.

That’s a good tip we can all use!

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