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Here's why 'Home Town' star Erin Napier will only buy white bath towels

This makes a lot of sense.
Erin Napier
HGTV star Erin Napier swears by white towels.HGTV
/ Source: TODAY

"Home Town" star Erin Napier knows a thing or two about designing gorgeous homes, but it looks like she's also got a few cleaning tricks up her sleeves.

In a recent Instagram post, the HGTV star revealed her preference for plain white towels, and told fans they're much easier to keep fresh than other towels.

"You can bleach them so they never mildew over the years," Napier wrote.

As it turns out, Napier stumbled upon this little cleaning tidbit after marrying husband (and "Home Town" costar) Ben Napier.

"When we were married in 2008, I registered for light blue towels and by the following summer I noticed they were starting to mildew. I never washed them in bleach because I didn’t want them to discolor and look ugly. When we were at Ben’s parents, I noticed their towels always smelled fresh even though they were old and starting to fray in places and only big, burly men used them, so I knew she was onto something. Then she told me the secret was bleach," Napier told TODAY Home.

In the South, where Napier and her in-laws live, it's often very humid, and keeping towels fresh is a constant challenge.

"When it’s 90 percent humidity in the air, your clean wet towels can stay damp even after hanging up overnight. If they never dry fully, mildew just happens," Napier said.

So to keep her white towels (always 100 percent cotton) fresh, Napier uses bleach for cleaning and scent boosters to make that fresh smell last.

Like colorful towels, white towels do start to show signs of wear and tear after a while, so they're not completely indestructible. But Napier swears by them all the same!

"They eventually fray the same as any color towel would, but they always smell new," Napier said.

It's the little things in life, right?

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