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Here's what the 'Home Alone' house would look like now

If "Home Alone" were filmed today, here's what the house might look like. Plus, see modern home decor updates to "The Nutcracker," "The Holiday" and more.
Home Alone
Did you ever notice the original \"Home Alone\" house had a red and green color palette?20th Century Fox
/ Source: TODAY

Kevin McCallister’s house in "Home Alone" is truly iconic, but what if the classic Christmas flick had been filmed now instead of the '90s? Besides the fact that technology could have made the movie end in five minutes, the house would probably look a little different, too.

Interior design service Modsy, which has given new looks to homes in “The Golden Girls,” "Friends," “Seinfeld” and “Sex and the City,” re-imagined the McCallisters' place to see what it might look like in 2018.

One of the things Modsy pointed out about the original house is that the interior of the early-20th-century colonial revival uses red and green as the main color palette — right down to the kitchen countertops. Perhaps we were so enthralled with Kevin fighting off the Wet Bandits that we didn’t even notice that tidbit the dozens of times we’ve watched it!

The updated version of the living room keeps the same Christmas-y color palette, but feels a little more contemporary thanks to new furniture. Although, the overall look is still classic.

Home Alone house makeover
If Kevin and his family lived in the "Home Alone" house today, this is what it might look like.Modsy

A rich green hue ("Sweet Basil" from Benjamin Moore) replaces the original busy wallpaper on the walls, and the windows feel brighter after getting rid of the curtains.

The green sofa got an upgrade with a more contemporary, yet still traditional style from Ballard Designs. They faced two of the sofas across from one another, which opened up the layout. That especially comes in handy when a family is as big as Kevin’s.

If you love the living room look but aren’t fully committed to having red and green furniture all year-round, you can still take inspiration from the space when it comes to Christmas decorations. Opt for a large bushy tree, garland, wreaths and nutcrackers to give your room that traditional holiday touch.

The Modsy team also gave its modern take on other classic Christmas flicks. See your favorite movie homes recreated below:

Amanda’s house in “The Holiday”

For Amanda's house in "The Holiday," the Modsy team updated it by keeping a neutral palette and incorporating pops of purple and burgundy to match the colors used in the movie.
For Amanda's house in "The Holiday," the Modsy team updated it by keeping a neutral palette and incorporating pops of purple and burgundy to match the colors used in the movie.Modsy

“The Nutcracker”

The Nutcracker living room
Modsy used darker hues in the furniture and decor in this room from "The Nutcracker." Plums, olives, pinks and deep reds help bring a bit of whimsical drama.Modsy

“White Christmas”

White Christmas living room
The Modsy team kept the "White Christmas" living room traditional and true to the time period of the early 1950s, when the movie came out.Modsy

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

The Grinch living room
The Modsy team said they combined the holiday spirit of Whoville and the funkiness of Mount Crumpit to create an eclectic, industrial look that wouldn't be so far-fetched to see in someone's real home today.Modsy

See more of Modsy's fictional home makeovers at its blog, The Render.