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Here's what the 'Gilmore Girls' house would look like today

How would Lorelai and Rory decorate their home in 2019? Interior decorating service Modsy designed some predictions.
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Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) hang out in the original living room from the show.
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“Gilmore Girls” premiered 19 years ago this week, and in honor of the anniversary, we’re going back to Stars Hollow to revisit the home of Lorelai and Rory — but this time with a little twist.

What would the house look like if the show was produced in present day? The team at online interior design service Modsy reimagined the living room of the beloved mother-daughter duo, not only giving the home decor a new spin with 2019 vibes, but envisioning how other characters from the show would have dressed the space up, too.

Grab your takeout food and settle in for a movie night in one of these gorgeous designs:


Gilmore Girls house reimagined
"Lorelai's space is loud and energetic without the compromise of comfort," said Alessandra Wood, vice president of style at Modsy.Modsy

Honing in on the quirky, playful personality of Lorelai (played by Lauren Graham), the Modsy team mixed traditional furniture with unconventional decor that feels eccentric and a bit funky, said Alessandra Wood, vice president of style at Modsy.

A pretty pink sofa offers a deep seat and rolled arms that provide the perfect spot for binge-watching old movies with her daughter, while a large coffee table gives just the right amount of space for snacks and dinner.

“Quirky trinkets are scattered throughout the space, a result of Lorelai’s impulsive habits that lead her to buy whatever she loves in an instant,” Wood added.


"(Rory's reimagined) space radiates sophistication and order," said Wood.Modsy

If Rory (Alexis Bledel) had taken over the decor, the space would feel serene and welcoming, Wood predicted. “She’s the epitome of East Coast charm, and her space is meant to reflect that,” she said. “Her style is the perfect mix of coastal and classic, combined in a relaxed and almost effortless way.”

The room, which has a calming color palette of blue and white, has a cozy reading area by the fireplace that Rory could curl up into with her favorite book. A TV also hangs on the wall in honor of her love for movie nights.


Gilmore Girls house reimagined
"Luke's space is all about ease and comfort," said Wood.Modsy

The living room would feel a bit different if Luke (Scott Patterson) decorated it — perhaps more like a man cave with masculine green wall paint and rustic, industrial elements.

“There are some hand-me-down pieces from his dad’s hardware store, which he easily mixes in with different weathered woods, metals, leathers and especially plaid,” Wood explained. “He doesn’t care too much about design, but appreciates a well-made, durable piece.”


Gilmore Girls house reimagined
"Sookie layers bold color with plush textures to create a funky and inviting space," explained Wood.Modsy

The Modsy team took Sookie’s (Melissa McCarthy) fun, creative personality to create the space she might have today.

“The mix of floral and geometric patterns speak to the controlled chaos she creates in the kitchen,” Wood said. “A palette composed of varying tones of raspberry, lemon, kiwi and aqua (expresses) her love of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.”


Gilmore Girls house reimagined
"(Paris') style is a reflection of her personality, which is intense, different and cold," said Wood.Modsy

Minimalist, streamlined and a little cold (“a reflection of her personality,” Wood said), Paris’ (Liza Weil) living room is separated into multiple areas as a metaphor for her busy life. It has a foyer with white brick wallpaper, a reading nook where she can spend her days with her favorite books, and a sleek main living space.


"Emily is a standout character and is quite unique both in her personality and taste," said Wood.Modsy

If Lorelai’s mom, Emily (Kelly Bishop), were to move in and take over decorating, the Modsy team predicted it might look formally classic with a slight modern twist.

“Emily would love rethinking the layout of the space, and would ultimately end up with a more formal layout of the space than Lorelai previously had,” Wood said. “By having two sofas face one another, she immediately creates a space that is fit for conversation and small gatherings.”

Love the looks? You can shop each of the characters’ reimagined spaces at Modsy. See more reimagined TV homes from "Friends," "Sex and the City" and "Seinfeld."