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Here's all the 'weird stuff' people found in their parents' homes over Thanksgiving

It was a simple request on Twitter to tie in with the recent Thanksgiving vacation: grown kids, take pictures of the odd things in your parents home.
/ Source: TODAY

It was a simple request, posted on Thanksgiving from Jenn, a woman who works at Cards Against Humanity:

The timing couldn't have been more perfect, as hundreds of thousands of grown (or nearly grown) adult children returned to the homes they grew up in and perhaps saw their parents' precious collections in a fresh light.

More than 2,800 comments and 7,700 retweets later, the kids have responded! And their comments and photos lie somewhere between awestruck, nostalgic and horrified:

Of course, we all have parents who've kept beloved items, either as part of collections or, sometimes, because we made or chose them:

And some items are just ... tradition, presented without question:

Even if they are baffling or terrifying:

In any case, Jenn wanted at least one thing specifically:

Which of course led to a full reconsideration of the common nautical-themed bathroom:

Our hearts were won over by the families who acknowledged the oddities and made them work, like this wizard holding up a pill:

But in the end, the mishmash of interesting peeks into family homes over the holidays wasn't merely about finding "weird things," it was about locating items that we'd taken for granted in the homes we grew up in and wondering about the stories behind them.

As for the Twitter thread itself, parents should consider it a klaxon warning that there is no way this stuff is going to end up in your kids' homes. We already know millennials don't want your Lenox china, but be apprised that your cute overalls planter is definitely not going to become a family heirloom. (Here's how you can figure out what to keep and what to toss when you decide to clean out your beloved items.)

That said, we totally want the eagle-turned-jet fighter framed picture. And maybe the angel owl. Oh, and that wizard is utterly magical.

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