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Here are our favorite items coming to IKEA next month

August is a big month for IKEA: It's also when the company releases its 2018 catalog.
/ Source: TODAY

Yes, your trip to IKEA might be tense, but with its 2018 catalog, the company is striving to eliminate those stressed-out vibes.

IKEA announced that its 2018 U.S. catalog will be available in stores starting August 2 and online starting August 7. This year's theme is "make room for life," and it pays extra attention to making the living room comfortable for family, friends and relaxation.

The digital catalog will be more hands-on than ever before, including an app for both Apple and Android products with room inspiration and short documentary films featuring real people from around the world and the way their homes match their lifestyles.

While we may have to wait for many of the products featured in the catalog to be released, we couldn't resist getting excited about a few of the items coming out in August.


1. KOARP Armchair, $149. This brightly colored seat is sure to liven up any living room. It also gets bonus points in our mind because it's equipped with a pocket to hold magazines and tablets, making it much easier to keep your coffee table free of clutter.


2. SLÄKT Series Twin Bed Frame, $69. This bed was designed with sleepovers in mind. Created to reflect research about 8- to 12-year-olds enjoying time with their friends, this bed comes with plenty of space underneath. Use it for storage, extra seating or as an underbed to accommodate an additional friend spending the night!


3. ODGER Chair, $75. This chair is both sleek and environmentally sustainable. Made with a mix of wood and plastic (50% of which is recycled), the curvy, bowl-shaped design of the ODGER Chair is meant to keep you comfy for hours.


4. TILLAGD Flatware, $60 for 20 pieces. Bring out the good silverware! This flatware, which will be available in black and brass, add a metallic accent to any dinner party. Make it modern or keep it classic — anything goes with this 20-piece, dishwasher-safe set.


5. BROGRUND & HAMNSKÄR Faucets, $69 & $89, respectively. IKEA has become an industry leader in faucet technology. These faucets have flow restrictors that mix water with air — meaning that 50% less water is used — as well as a cold start to reduce hot-water consumption. Combine that with the range of modern and traditional styles the faucets come in, along with a free 10-year limited warranty, and we're sold.

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