Hate pulling out plastic wrap? This 1 tip will change that

/ Source: TODAY

Walk in any kitchen in America and you're bound to find a box of aluminum foil, cling wrap and other disposable necessities. But what if we told you that you were using that box all wrong?

Well, that's exactly what we are here to say.

When we open our box of cling wrap to pull out sheet, we often get caught in a battle of keeping the roll in the box while also tugging on it. Once we finally pull out the appropriate amount, it's tough to get it lined up with the sharp end of the box to tear it off. It's not supposed to be this difficult!

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It turns out it's not the box's fault. It's ours.

Next time you pull out that long, narrow box, look to the sides for the part that says "Secure roll." (Don't worry, we just realized it was there, too.) Punch those holes in and not only will it keep the roll in place, but it will also help make sure the sharp edge aligns with the wrap once you pull it out.

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(Psst! This trick also works with aluminum foil boxes too.)

We won't tell anyone you didn't know about this...

This article was originally published May 2, 2016.