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Happier Camper is a retro trailer that transforms itself

Take it camping or use it as a commercial vending hotspot. See all the ways this trailer can transform!
/ Source: TODAY

On the surface, the Happier Camper looks like nothing more than a cute, retro trailer fit for sleeping on the go. But it’s actually very modern — so modern in fact, that it’s packed with innovation. From solar power paneling to a built-in bluetooth sound system, this ain’t your grandma’s camper.

This retro-looking camper is packed with modern innovationHappier Camper

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One of the coolest features, though, is the fact that you can transform the camper into over 100 different styles thanks to its Adaptiv modular interior system. The floor of the camper has grooves that you can snap add-ons into — just like Legos — and they connect to build bigger things.

The Happier Camper set up with a mini kitchen and tableHappier Camper

Available components include bench cubes, cushions, a countertop, floor panels, and even a deluxe kitchenette with a sink, pull-out fridge and stove. The trailer can go from being completely empty if you need to haul things like kayaks, to a sleeping camper for a family of five, to even a commercial vending counter.

The Happier Camper transforms into a vending counterHappier Camper

Watch the video below from INSIDER to see how it transforms:

The 70 square-foot camper is made from fiberglass, which is super light and durable — the whole thing weighs just 1,100 pounds and can be pulled by most small cars. Available paint colors include blue, turquoise, and red.

The base model starts at $15,950, although they have basic, full and premium packages that run between $16,000 and $24,000 depending on what kind of add-ons you want. Among the accessories available, you can add a lightweight air conditioner for $1,500, a dry flush toilet for $595, or a 14-inch ceiling fan for $275.

The Happier Camper can be pulled to your dream destination by most small carsHappier Camper

The company is based out of Los Angeles, so customers can pick up their campers there or have them shipped to their home which can cost another $500 to $2,000 depending on location. And if you want to test a model out before you buy, you can rent one (click here for more details.)