Google's crazy new technological throat tattoo: What's next?!

Darren Rogers/Flickr/Getty Images / Today
Google's New Throat Tattoo

Watches and glasses outfitted with computers have been in the news a lot lately. But now the wearable technology trend seems poised to go to the next level: Google is working on a postage stamp-sized, temporary electronic tattoo that attaches to the wearer’s throat with adhesive.

CNN is reporting
that Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, filed a patent for such a device, which would be compatible with other wearable technology devices, like Google Glass, as well as smartphones, gaming gadgets, tablets and more. The idea is that wearers could use their own voice to communicate with those devices. Oh, and by the way, the totally futuristic device could also be used as a lie detector.

Weirded out yet?

We admit that while we’re excited about the future of technology, Google’s new throat tattoo feels a little cyborg to us. It also has us wondering what could be the next frontier for the company, since it seems that no idea is too out-there.

Will they make a computer fitted to our teeth, like something out of Real Genius? Will they find a way to actually make our devices run fluidly through our veins? Will we simply be able to rub on our gadgets like lotion, and shower them off when we’re ready to unplug? 

It’s as fun as it is completely scary to imagine.

Let us know in the comments. Would you wear a computer tattoo?

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