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By The Home Depot

The holiday season is coming, which means it’s time to transform your home into a hotel. From repeated opening and closing refrigerator doors to endless laundry as the kids come home from college, your appliances are going to get a workout. Be prepared this year. There’s no reason to wait until Black Friday; big savings are already here to help you manage the influx of foot traffic parading through the house.

Let’s look at some places to start to get your home ready for the holiday season.

Prepare for the laundry pile-up

As much as you love it when your kids come home for the holidays, you really don’t love doing their laundry. The large capacity and high-efficiency of the LG Front-Load Washer and Dryer can help tackle an overflowing hamper.

The Home Depot

Feeding a small army

This year, you’ve decided to host Christmas dinner. However, you forgot that your oven could barely hold a chicken, let alone a very large turkey for 16 guests. Lucky for you, this Samsung stainless steel gas range oven has you covered with a 5.8 cu ft. oven and five specialized burners to cook multiple dishes at once. Also, the self-cleaning oven makes cleanup a breeze.

The Home Depot

Open Sesame

The kitchen is the heart of the house during the holidays and it beats to the constant opening and closing of the refrigerator door. Hosting friends and family means filling your fridge with all their favorites. Instead of overcrowded shelves, try upgrading to a bigger, better fridge situation. The Samsung Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator has the capacity to hold up to 26 bags of groceries and the features to keep everything from the turkey to the ice cream at the perfect temperature.

The Home Depot

Cleaning made easy

After the extended family has left and the kids have gone out with their friends, it’s time for a little “you time.” Go ahead; enjoy that last piece of pumpkin pie. You earned it. And if you put your dishes in the Samsung stainless steel Front Control Dishwasher, you’ll be able to hear that glorious sound that comes when the holidays are over: blissful, peaceful quiet.

The Home Depot

Find these, and many other appliances that can make your home holiday ready at your nearest Home Depot.