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‘Get Organized Today’: De-clutter your closet

Cleaning your closet might seem like a scary chore, but Elizabeth Mayhew of Real Simple makes it easy with these storage suggestions.
/ Source: TODAY

Who says you can't do some “spring” cleaning in autumn? “Today” teamed up with Real Simple magazine for the annual “Get Organized Today” series to offer tips for tidying up your home for fall. In the first part of this special series, Elizabeth Mayhew, deputy editor of Real Simple, suggests some tools that can help you organize and de-clutter your closet.

Day 1: How to organize your closet
Organizing is all about making life easier. Set aside a little bit of time now, and you’ll save time every day thereafter.

Be realistic about what you actually wear. If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it.

You don’t need to do a big overhaul to get organized. The following are simple, easy-to-implement and inexpensive solutions that will take you a long way.

Canvas storage boxes: Perfect for containing odds and ends or out-of-season clothing. Most come with a label so you always know where everything is., $16-$20

Hanging sweater bag: This is an easy way to create instant drawers without doing construction. Simply Velcro the top to the closet pole, and you get six shelves for sweaters and other items., $54-79

Solid shelf dividers: An easy way to create instant, inexpensive cubbies to instill a sense of order and prevent that leaning tower of sweaters. Also a good solution for storing handbags., $10 for set of 4

Chain and s-hooks: An inexpensive, easy way to store handbags that takes advantage of otherwise unused vertical space. Available at hardware stores

Over-the-door multi-tie hook: Takes advantage of unused space., $11

Storage ottoman: A terrific way to create a sitting area for getting dressed. There’s also space to stash the week’s dry cleaning or other messes., $80

Shoe cabinet: This cabinet looks like a regular dresser, but each of the three drawers pulls down to reveal space for storing up to 24 pairs of shoes., $295

Hangers: Using solid, wooden hangers will not only look better in the closet but will make your clothes last longer., $3.50-$5 each

For more Real Simple ideas and solutions, check out the October issue (on newsstands now) or visit