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By Jennifer Kantor

Cleaning clothes isn't anyone's idea of a good time. Besides the tedious sorting and folding, laundry rooms tend to be in cramped corners of the home that haven't seen an ounce of attention since move-in day. But it doesn't have to be that way. These bloggers transformed their laundry nooks into a thing of beauty by adding serious organization, lots of light, clever storage and chic accessories. Read on for tips on how you can do the same.

Use every inch of space


"A Beautiful Mess" blogger Elsie Larson transformed the empty area next to her washer/dryer into an ingenious laundry basket shelf and ironing spot. Wire metal shelf bins, like these from West Elm, hold everything else. 

Stock up on closed storage


Keep messy laundry supplies, random socks and other miscellaneous items stored behind a closed cabinet, as Kelly Marzka, "View Along the Way" blogger, does in her laundry room. If that's not an option in your home, a shelf-hiding curtain or lidded container, like this one from Crate & Barrel, should do the trick.

 Label everything


Baskets are great—until they become junk bins. "I Should Be Mopping the Floor" blogger Kristi Dominguez avoids that mess by storing orphaned socks, hats, cleaning supplies, warranty manuals and sunscreen in labeled locker baskets. 

Designate a place to fold

Picasa / Today

Take a cue from "Centsational Girl" blogger Kate Riley, whose light and lovely laundry room features a plain white laminate counter top for fresh-from-the-dryer folding. "Just that 2' x 4' amount of space makes all the difference in the world," she says. Short on square footage? Try Neatfreak's Triple Sorter Hamper, which allows you to fold and iron with the ironing board on top, then transport clothes to the dresser in three detachable bags.

Let there be light


Whimsical chandeliers perk up dark, dreary laundry rooms, while mirrors reflect and amplify whatever natural light is available. Add both, like "Remodelando La Casa" blogger Cristina Garay did, and the laundry room will be a pillar of light. Here's one trick: Hang a mirror directly across from a window, as Garay did, to create the illusion of another mirror and a bigger, brighter space.

Make it your own


We decorate living rooms, bedrooms and other areas in the home to reflect our personal style, and treating the laundry room the same way will help create a positive, efficient atmosphere. "Junk Chic Cottage" blogger Kris Vavra blended distressed accents with functional elements to reflect her vintage aesthetic. Take some time to bring in your own taste to the laundry room and you might feel better about spending time there.