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George Oliphant transforms basement for single dad who lost wife during childbirth

After Dennis Cosgrove lost his wife, Megan to preeclampsia after the birth of their son, Declan, the couple never had the chance to finish decorating their basement. That's when George Oliphant stepped in.
/ Source: TODAY

For Dennis and Declan Cosgrove, their newly renovated play room is more than just a space to have fun — it's a space to remember Declan's late mother, Megan, who put so much of her heart into decorating the family's home.

Dennis and Megan shared a once-in-a-lifetime love. The couple first met in February 2013, and within three years of knowing each other, they wed, bought a home, and welcomed their first child — a son, Declan.

"We were just really all in from the beginning," he told TODAY Parents. "A lot of people like, spend their whole life chasing and looking. I had that, and I got that, and I'm very lucky to have had that."

"I felt like I had true love."

"Declan's one of those babies where people can't get enough of his behavior, his demeanor, his disposition," Cosgrove said. TODAY

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When Dennis lost Megan to complications from the birth of their son, stemming from a condition called preeclampsia, that whirlwind romance was cut too short, too soon. After an unsuccessful brain surgery, doctors told Dennis there was nothing else that could be done; Megan needed to be taken off of life support.

"It was a gut-wrenching process, but she's the strongest person I've ever known," he said. "Even up until her final minute you could just see the strength and how she was still breathing."

A sentimental photo of Megan lives in the newly renovated space to keep her memory alive. TODAY

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With Megan gone, Dennis says he had a hard time being in the couple's newly refurbished home in Stewart Manor, New York, but knew that he didn't want to change any of the rooms that his late wife had already decorated for the family.

Only one room remained to be completed — the basement.

"It's a pretty dingy, unfinished space," he said. "I just don't have the money to renovate the basement and it's not something I can handle on my own."

Dennis and Declan take a look at their new space, thank to George to the Rescue. TODAY

That's when miracle-worker and home-rescuer George Oliphant of "George to the Rescue" stepped in.

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Dennis says after he saw Oliphant work his magic, he decided to write to the team to see if they could pick up where Megan left off, and transform the family's basement into the ultimate play room for Declan.

'George to the Rescue' transformed the unfinished basement into a bright, homey space for Dennis and Declan. TODAY

"Declan is an amazing baby," he said. "It would ease my mind to know that I have a space for him once he does start to crawl, walk, and really actually play."

Oliphant told TODAY that when he heard Dennis's story, he knew he had to step in and help.

"I'm a father of three myself, so it just touched me," he said. "I remember emailing my producers immediately."

"I just knew we had to rescue this guy," Oliphant said. TODAY

As for how Dennis and Declan feel about the completion of their home? "It means the world to us."