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8 gadgets to beat the summer heat

From a quiet fan to a beverage chiller, these items will keep you cool!
Gadgets to keep you cool
Gadgets to keep you coolTODAY
/ Source: TODAY

It's a scorcher out there these days for most of the country.

If you're trying to beat the heat, Steve Greenberg, author of "Gadget Nation," is coming to the rescue with creative ways to keep you cool during the dog days of summer.

Instant sun shade, $60, Hammacher Schlemmer

Whether you're headed to the beach this summer or siting on the sidelines watching your kids play sports, this portable umbrella can be set up in minutes. It's only 4 pounds so it's easy to carry and can be adjusted up to 8 feet for the ultimate coverage.

Whisper quiet bladeless fan, $100, Hammacher Schlemmer

This quiet fan certainly won't keep you up at night, even during the hottest days of the summer. It's small enough to put on a desk or bedside table.

Zoku jack ice molds, $17, Amazon

Also available as cubes from Amazon.

These snazzy ice cubes will turn any drink into something special. They also help keep your drinks colder longer thanks to their big size. Just like with your typical ice cubes, you simply fill the mold with your desired liquid and freeze. To release, you just push on the bottom of the mold. There's no banging or frustration involved, like with your typical ice tray.

IceColdNow coldwave beverage chiller, $30, The Grommet

Also available at Amazon.

Calling all iced coffee lovers! It's never been easier to make your own cold cup of joe at home with this beverage chiller that cools drinks in two minutes or less. If you're in the mood for happy hour, try it to chill your favorite bottle of wine this summer.

Monkey Business watermelon slicer popsicle shaped cutter, $11, Amazon

It's no secret that sugary ice pops are a great way to cool down in the summer, but if you're looking for a healthy alternative try this watermelon ice pop maker. The frozen watermelon tastes delicious on a hot summer day and it's actually good for you, too.

Prepara super scooper kids ice cream scoop, $10, Amazon

Also available at Walmart.

If you're like us and can't resist ice cream on a hot summer day, then these ice cream scoopers might be a game-changer. You not only use them to scoop the ice cream, but they can also hold the ice cream, so you can lick it right then and there.

Glove-A-Bubbles 4 pack, $13, Amazon

Also available at Target and Walmart.

Kids will love these gloves that spew out hundreds of bubbles. They come in all sorts of animal designs for endless fun in the backyard.

Dual TTS sleeves, $49, Kryofit Sport

These compression sleeves come with slots for cold packs to keep you cool while you enjoy the outdoors this summer. You can also use them to soothe injuries or sore muscles after exercise. The cold packs are said to last for up to 45 minutes.