This freezer looks custom after a makeover — for less than $100!

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/ Source: TODAY
By Julie Pennell

If you’ve ever wondered if you could update a plain refrigerator or freezer, now you know the answer: You can!

Kristi Linauer of Waco, Texas, turned a boring white freezer into a designer-looking piece with some spray paint and a new handle — and the result is completely stunning.

Before: It's just a plain, old white freezer.Kristi Linauer/Addicted 2 Decorating

Linauer, who runs the DIY blog Addicted 2 Decorating, said that she wanted the look of a custom refrigerator that matched her cabinets, but didn’t want the expense. So, she made it herself.

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“I finally decided that the easiest and fastest option would be to purchase a relatively inexpensive freezer and paint it the exact color that I used on my cabinets,” she told TODAY Home. “It gave me the custom look I wanted at a very low price.”

After: It's a gorgeous, custom-looking piece!Kristi Linauer/Addicted 2 Decorating

The project only took one day to complete and cost a total of $100, which included the painting supplies and new hardware.

First, she removed the original white handle and sanded the surface of the freezer. She then sprayed it with a self-etching spray primer, using about three cans total.

Once it was dry after a couple of hours, Linauer lightly sanded everything down again and then sprayed a teal latex paint in an eggshell finish. For her second and final coats on the front, she painted it using a 6-inch roller that was labeled for “smooth surfaces.”

To finish, she attached her shiny new brass handle to the freezer (fun fact: it’s actually a towel bar she found that happened to perfectly match the length of her original handle.)

So, how has it held up over time? “Perfectly, with not a single scratch or chip anywhere,” Linauer said.

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